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Dressing baby for the Weather

How To Dress Baby For The Weather

Dressing Baby for the Weather

Understanding how to dress baby for the weather is important for new parents. It will help keep your newborn comfortable and healthy from the cold of winter, or the heat of summer. Follow these guidelines for best practices and how to dress baby for the weather.

Dressing your baby during cold seasons

Parents often think that babies are more sensitive than adults. This is why parents often overdress their baby; however, that can do more harm than good causing the child to be overdressed and overheated. The rule of thumb during the cold season is to dress your little one like yourself. A long-sleeved shirt and jacket is fine. When it snows or is especially cold just be sure to put on mittens and a hat to keep baby’s ears protected, too. At night, dress baby in a cotton t-shirt underneath heavier footed pajamas, and check to be sure that your baby’s room is at a comfortable temperature. Because blankets are not recommended for use in cribs, use a baby gown or baby sack over the top of a long sleeved cotton onesie.

Dressing your baby during summer

It can get really hot in the summertime so, choosing the right clothing for baby during summer is extremely important. During the summer season dress your baby as you would dress, in shorts and short sleeves. Have a cardigan and light blanket with you for when it cools down toward the evening. Choose light, breathable fabrics such as cotton and bamboo. These allow air circulation and bamboo is great for wicking moisture away from baby’s skin.

Avoid going out with your baby in the scorching heat of the day and never leave your baby in direct sunlight. Protect delicate skin with an all natural sunscreen, even if you plan to be in the shade, and always use a sun hat. At night, dress your baby in lightweight pajamas or simply a onesie and diapers. Be sure to check your his bottom often and change diapers regularly to avoid painful diaper rash.

Choosing the right clothing for baby and how to dress baby for the weather is really not difficult.  With today’s wide range of choices, you can have a fabulous wardrobe for your baby during hot and cold weather and everything in between, the trick is to remember to dress your baby as you would dress yourself during that season. Remember that fabrics and layering are important, too. So, enjoy dressing your little one because life is short and they grow so fast!

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