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Specialty Gifts and Accessories for Newborns

Specialty Gifts and Accessories for Infants

Specialty Gifts and Accessories for Infants

Being the parent of a newborn or infant comes with a whole host of questions and concerns you may never have had to think about before. Fortunately for new parents everywhere, there are a plethora of different innovative and useful accessories for baby on the market today—many of which we carry right here at GingerBean Boutique.

Besides adorable and unique clothing for infants for all occasions, we also carry the following specialty gifts and accessories for infants that will make day-to-day life with your sweet one easier, more convenient, and of course, more stylish!

Baby Elephant Ears are the perfect companion for long car rides or extended time in the car seat or stroller. They rest around your baby’s head to keep it straight and upright to protect the neck, and their unique elephant ear-shaped design helps to keep the head more stable than other competing products.

WubbaNub Pacifiers are the next level in pacifiers. They come with a little adorable stuffed animal attached to the pacifier that your baby will love and you will be able to find easily in the crib or diaper bag. With WubbaNub, gone are the days of rifling endlessly through your bag in search of a tiny, elusive plastic pacifier. You will always be able to find it when it is attached to your child’s favorite stuffed toy!

Chewbeads are one of the most popular baby accessories we carry—they are so fashionable that many women who do not have babies have purchased them just to wear! Everyone who has ever held a small baby for more than a few moments knows that if you are wearing jewelry, they will be drawn to it like moth to a flame. Chewbeads are safe and fashionable necklaces that moms can feel fabulous wearing and babies can chew on while teething without running the risk of breaking jewelry or injuring their tender gums.

Lucy Darling Closet Dividers make organizing your closet for baby a breeze. Many times, friends and family will gift first-time moms with baby clothes of all sizes, from newborn to toddler. But having so many clothes of different sizes can lead to a disorganized mess when it comes time to actually finding the clothes you need! With Lucy Darling Closet Dividers, you can keep all your baby clothes in the same place, neatly sorted by size and age.

Cheeky Chompers are a great solution for the baby who is both teething and a little messy when it comes to eating. They are adorable, bandana-style bibs with an adjustable snap to fit all sizes that feature a 100% safe plastic Neckerchew tip for baby to chew on whenever they need it.

Lollicups are one of the most popular products out there when it comes to teaching baby how to drink on their own. Sippy cups can be messy and inconvenient. Lollicups, which were featured on the hit ABC show Shark Tank, feature a weighted straw with baby-friendly handles, so children as young as 9 months can begin learning how to drink on their own without the fear of spilling everywhere. Best of all, everything is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup!

And when it comes to comfort and entertainment for your little one, GingerBean only carries the best. Jellycats are some of the softest and most beautiful stuffed animals for babies on the market, and Soothers feature the same soft and beautiful creatures with a little comforting blanket attached. Bunnies by the Bay and Sillytails can be baby’s first books, with lovely illustrations and interactive tails and pull-tabs that your little one can play with in the stroller or car seat. They both feature rings or clips for convenient attaching on the go.

These are a few of our favorite accessories for babies and infants, but there are many more at GingerBean Boutique! Stop by and see for yourself!

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