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Fun in the Sun: Suncare Defense for Children

Most people love to be outside or go to the beach in the summer time; however, when
care is not taken to prevent sunburn that fun turns into a painful memory that could have been avoided. As adults, it is so important that we are aware of sun damage danger and develop a Suncare Defense for Children.

Sun defense is an essential part of any outdoor activity. The sun generates invisible rays
known as ultraviolet-A (UVA) as well as ultraviolet-B (UVB), which cause sunburn as well as sun damage. Dangerous UV rays are more extreme in the summer season, which means that today is the best time for parents to develop their summer season sun care approach.

A Family Sun Care Routine

Families can enjoy the outdoors while staying risk-free by having a strong plan in place during the summer sun and heat. This plan should consist of choosing the right kind of clothing and the Summer Fun in the Sunright sunscreen.

• Select a sun block that keeps up with kids. When they’re playing in the sun and surf, they have specific skin care demands. This includes generously applying sunscreen regularly throughout the day. Be certain to choose a broad spectrum sunscreen for the best protection.

” The care provided through the continuous- application of sun blocks is especially critical in shielding children from the harmful effects of the sun.” claimed Dr. Leffell.

• Be a shade seeker. Duck the sun’s rays the obvious way, stay in the shade whenever possible! Avoid outdoor activities when the sun’s rays are strongest (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.).

• Use protective clothing including sun hats for kids and bathing suit cover-ups.

• Use sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection.

Being diligent about sun protection and minimizing exposure combined with appropriate sunscreen usage will help to reduce the chance of sunburn and skin damage later on. By planning your children’s outdoor sun care routine beforehand, moms and dads can take pleasure in all of the activities instead of the consequences afterward.

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